How great is it that in-person events are back? Hadn’t realised until recently how much I’ve missed them. Don’t get me wrong, well ran virtual events with good topics and speakers are great! And both the quality and quantity of these has improved a lot, over the past couple of years.

But, nothing fully competes with an in-person event, in terms of allowing you to catch-up with faces old and new. I’ve been to two in the past month – one being the first Ministry of Justice BA Community meet-up in over 3 years, and the other being the BA Manager Forum. I’ve come away from both with a real buzz, enjoying being able to finally meet those I’ve been chatting to for 2-3 years in person for the first time, as well as catching up with folk I’ve known for ages and meeting those I didn’t know before.

Also, I’d forgotten how much more fun it is to facilitate sessions in-person! Had the joy of running the same session at last week’s BA Managers Forum. Both, were full of energy that you don’t get to see or feel when sitting behind a laptop camera.

Already looking forward to the next one – BA Boss in July! 😀 Which event are you off to next?