BA Events Calendar

August Update: Welcome to the new and updated BA Events Calendar. Using Google Calendar, allows you to subscribe to the calendar (using +GoogleCalendar), as well as more easily add individual events to your own calendar application.

Background to how the BA Events Calendar came about:

I’ve been asked numerous times, where can you find a list of all the top BA conferences, meet-ups and events that are on. That got me thinking, that most events I come across are through having been to them before, or by chance such as LinkedIn, Twitter or chatting with someone.

Therefore, I’ve collated all those that I know of into one place. Hopefully this will be helpful to folk, or to point colleagues in your communities or chapters to. I’ve not been constrained to just the UK. Appreciating, a) it’s nice to travel to events elsewhere (if you’re lucky enough to be able to do so), b) some are virtual or hybrid and c) in this globally connected world, we are all likely to have networks that span multiple countries/continents. 

Click on +GoogleCalendar to subscribe to the calendar. This will then add the events to your device as a separate standalone calendar.