BABoss – What is a BA Service and why do you need one?

Looking forward to tomorrow’s BABoss, where the marvellous Tammy Kennedy and I will be talking about what is a BA Service, and why you need one! You can find out more on the event, by checking out the BABoss with Corecom site. Hopefully see many of you there!

In-person events are back! 😀

How great is it that in-person events are back? Hadn’t realised until recently how much I’ve missed them. Don’t get me wrong, well ran virtual events with good topics and speakers are great! And both the quality and quantity of these has improved a lot, over the past couple of years. But, nothing fully competes […]

Justice Digital Learning at Work Week

7 things music could teach you about what it takes to be a good business analyst Really enjoyed my second time speaking at Justice Digital‘s Learning at Work Week on Tuesday, trying to attract a new wave of people to consider business analysis as a career option, as well as promoting the core skills and […]