BA Must-Reads: #4 OKRs

#BAMustReads number four, is aimed at any business or digital professional who has an interest in using a goal setting framework, specifically Objective and Key Results. Often referred to through the abbreviation of OKRs. Now, there are A LOT of books, blogs, and more on the topic of OKRs. Some great, some less so. Here are some […]

BA Must-Reads: #3 Community & practice leadership

#BAMustReads number three, is specifically aimed at those in business analyst leadership positions, or those who are aspiring to be in them. You’re likely to be a Lead BA, Business Analysis Manager or Head of Business Manager. They are centred around developing effective communities of practice, as well as leading teams to deliver a high […]

BA Brew Podcast: The BA Service Framework

Delighted and humbled to be asked to join the latest edition of AssistKD’s BA Brew podcast with the brilliant Debra Paul and Mike Williams. Talking about the superb BA Service Framework developed by Debbie, and how we’ve used that as the basis to create our own BA Service at the Ministry of Justice. If you’re looking to find a way […]

BA Must-Reads: #2 Advancing your career in business analysis and beyond

Here’s the second instalment of #BAMustReads, all focussed around advancing your career in business analysis and beyond. I’m a big believer that the skills and experience we develop as BAs, can be applied to so many career paths — all the way upto the C-Suite. 1. Business Analyst: Careers in business analysis by Adrian Reed When Adrian Reed […]

Q2 of BA Digest is out now!

How We’ve Introduced BA Service Thinking in an Established and Large Practice Delighted to have been able to contribute to this one, thanks to Adrian Reed for the nudge. Great to be able to share our success in how we’ve introduced service thinking into our BA practice at the Ministry of Justice, to better articulate […]

BA Must-Reads: #1 User Stories

1. Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your User Stories Very easy to read in one sitting, as well as being a trusty point of reference you can refer to again and again. But, what I particularly like about this book is that it doubles up as a helpful set of prompts and talking points for community ‘share […]

How to make your work more visible as an Agile BA

Something I often hear from other BAs working in multi-disciplinary Agile teams is that their work sometimes seems invisible. Or at least, less visible when compared to other professions. To put that in context, designers will likely be mocking up various designs that they develop and share iteratively. Devs regularly build and release new features. […]

Seven things music could teach you about what it takes to be a good business analyst

I must admit, I’ve been excited to write this, since the moment I first read Mike Cohn’s blog ‘Ten Things The Beatles taught me about being Agile’. So, please bear with me over the next few minutes whist I try to blend my love of good tunes, tongue-in-cheek humour, and business analysis all into a few […]